About The Film

It has been said “It takes a village” about raising children. But, what happens when the members of that village find themselves unable to do what is necessary to raise the children? What happens when the very construction of that village doesn’t offer the support needed…emotionally, logistically and economically, to raise our nation’s children? How long will the villages stand without being burned to the ground?

“Burning The Village” is a feature-length documentary film that delves into the darkest side of motherhood…opening a dialogue about contemporary American motherhood, maternal mental health and the need for the building our villages of support. The film brings to light the myriad of postpartum mood disorders and societal difficulties that affect thousands of American mothers, families and communities, each year.

By raising awareness, offering solutions and dispelling the stigma of maternal mental health,  “Burning The Village” reminds us that a happy mother equals a happy home equals a happy community equals a happy society and encourages us to place the ”oxygen mask” on our mothers, first, so that we can stop burning our villages.